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Hal's Studio

Hal Danser

In the mid-1980’s my wife said “Get a hobby!”  My response was that I write marketing and business plans and that they are extremely creative (I have a marketing consulting business). However, in subsequent years I did take several glass blowing, flame-working, and fused glass courses. I was enticed by fused glass, and purchased a large kiln and all of the glass fusing/slumping equipment, and proceeded to experiment and learn. Over the course of several years, I refined my style and started to focus on creating unique and contemporary women’s jewelry (necklaces, pendants, and earrings). I have been fortunate to share those wonderful creations at a number of select galleries throughout the United States.


I also love teaching glass at my glass studio in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, and previously at the Sharon Arts Center and the Currier Museum Art Center. My classes are fun and exciting. The students learn the basics about glass, and make artistic and dramatic glass creations, including plates, coasters, bowls, and jewelry. My classes cover fusing and design techniques in making stunning three dimensional works of art using glass frit and stringers, glass paint, full and tack fusing, slumping, draping, cold working, and different types of glass.


Please contact me to see additional pieces or to inquire about my classes.


                                                           Thank you,

Hal Danser


I am teaching a series of Glass courses

at my Glass Studio in Jaffrey, NH

For more information, please e-mail me.

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