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Barbara Danser

Barbara Danser


My art focuses on the joyful energy of life in nature and on the continuum of time: beginnings and endings, rejuvenation, connections between Earth and universe and the mystery of spirit.


My work is a combined creative energy of mind, spirit and environment. My environment may be the company of fellow artists or complete solitude, while working in my studio or in nature. I am a multiple-media artist, and accordingly I often choose to work in different media and styles. When I have no subject in mind or lack a vision, I let the paint fly and the clay take its own shape.


I am passionate about the creative experience, which is as important to me as the finished work. Releasing myself while in the act of painting and sculpting, I appreciate and remember the essence of each work: the warmth of the sun, the rustle of desert grass or wind-blown trees, the song of moving water below my studio windows, the smell and coolness of clay, the company of others and the silence of being alone. I thrive on those experiences, in which a rush of spontaneous energy lifts me out of the mental world into a purely creative mode.

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